Gandhada Gudi' Here's how much it collected in the US  

This is his second movie to hit the $1-lakh mark at the US box office after 'James ($126,118) 

which was also released after his death. 'Gandhada Gudi' was released on October 28 and it earned $25,746 from 71 locations on an opening day.

In the next two days, it did fairly well as it ended its first weekend by collecting $78,172

On the weekdays, the collection was not up to the mark

Earlier, Puneeth Rajkumar's 'Raajakumara' had done reasonably well at the US box office.

 It had earned $69,659. The business of 'Dodmane Hudga' was also not bad as it made $47,957.

'Gandhada Gudi' is a docu-drama, an incredible journey, a celebration of our land and it's a legend

taken by Appu in association with wildlife photographer and filmmaker Amoghavarsha

'Gandhada Gudi' is directed by wildlife photographer Amoghavarsha JS.